729 BEaUty is Your Luxury Hair Company!

by admin  0  August 3, 2016


729 BEaUty is a luxury hair company whose very foundation is the belief that we immediately become forces to be reckoned with the moment we embrace our individuality. 729 BEaUty gives each person the tools to embrace their uniquely textured hair, be it (7) Naturally Straight, (2) Wavy, (9) Curled or a blend of all three.

Having created a comprehensive system of hair extensions, cleansers, conditioners and styling products to meet any and all hair needs, we can and will confidently encourage every last person who comes across this blog, visits our website or sets foot into one of our salons to understand their hair teture-fearlessly.

That hairstyle that you always wanted to try, but were too frightened to do so? Now is the time. Extensions to enhance your already beautiful locks that won’t end up damaging your hair? Go for it. Flaunt it. Live it. BE it.

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