All You Need to Know About Hair Extensio...

by admin  1  October 1, 2016


Adding a touch of style to our daily looks is something we all enjoy. Using styling items and wearing makeup are some of the ways of doing it, but there are numerous other ways that can give you an instant makeover. One such product that can make a lovely change in your look is hair extensions. They are also known as hair integrations, which are now used as a fashion accessory whose initial objective is to add length to the

729 BEaUty is Your Luxury Hair Company!...

by admin  0  August 3, 2016


729 BEaUty is a luxury hair company whose very foundation is the belief that we immediately become forces to be reckoned with the moment we embrace our individuality. 729 BEaUty gives each person the tools to embrace their uniquely textured hair, be it (7) Naturally Straight, (2) Wavy, (9) Curled or a blend of all three.

Choose Elegance That Matches Your Outwar...

by admin  0  August 3, 2016


Many find themselves in love with hair extensions as soon as they try them. Accepting the fact that growing longer hair can be a pretty big step and quite a commitment for sure, many can`t wait. But hair extensions help make that process easier.

Hair extensions are a quick solution to put on length and volume, which


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