How To Care For Your 7-2-9 BEaUty Hair Extensions

Our hair is just an extension of your own texture. With proper cleansing and regular conditioning, you’ll not only be able to maintain it, you might actually be able improve the integrity of the hair.

Know the terms and conditions for 729 BEaUty hair.

Treat your 729 BEaUty hair was you would like to be treated.

The more you gently cleanse and condition, the more the hair’s quality improves.

Detangle dry hair before shampooing.

Detangle hair starting at the ends and towards the root area.

Never detangle hair behind the point of attachment.

Gently cleanse with a sulfate-free shampoo.

Thoroughly rinse your 729 BEaUty hair.

Condition with a high-moisture, low-protein conditioner.

Use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush.

Thoroughly dry hair hair and wefts.

Never go to bed with wet or damp hair.

Secure hair with a wrap or bonnet (silk preferred).

Sleep on a silk pillowcase.

*We only guarantee quality if the hair remains in its original virgin state. We do not guarantee hair that has been color-treated or re-textured after purchase.