All You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Adding a touch of style to our daily looks is something we all enjoy. Using styling items and wearing makeup are some of the ways of doing it, but there are numerous other ways that can give you an instant makeover. One such product that can make a lovely change in your look is hair extensions. They are also known as hair integrations, which are now used as a fashion accessory whose initial objective is to add length to the hair. They are made up of natural hair, or artificial hair and come in various varieties.

Hair extensions are clipped onto the small sections of your hair using different methods like heat fusing, weaving, clamping with metal rods, and gluing with other hair. Most of these methods include the procedure of coating the strands of natural hair with a hair-bonding substance. Some extensions last for weeks, whereas others last for months depending upon the maintenance of the extensions.

Reasons to go for hair extensions are as follows:

  • • Women who want to have long hair can opt for hair extensions to add extra length.
  • • They can be used to achieve a new look.
  • • They can be used to add extra volume and bounce.
  • • Those who want to add color to their hair can go for colored hair extensions which are free from harmful chemicals.
  • If you are planning to add extra strands of hair to your natural hair, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before going through the procedure:

  • • Always get the hair extension placed in your hair with the help of an expert. The extensions may look simple to apply but they are not that easy.
  • • The extensions that you set in your hair should not be tightly fixed. If you experience any kind of discomfort due to them, you should ask your stylist to rectify the issue.
  • • Always use the extensions that are good in quality despite the fact that they may be more expensive.
  • • Always take care of your natural hair as damaged hair will be not able to bear much styling.
  • Once you decide to go for it, you can choose from different types of hair extensions:

  • • Colorful Clip-Ons: These are the most popular hair extensions as they add color to the hair instantly. The reason of their popularity is that they help you have colored hair without any chemicals.
  • • Extended Length: Known as the most used hair extensions, they help you add length to your hair with style. So, women can try out different hairstyles every day.
  • • Triple Weft Hair Extensions: These extensions are used to add volume to your naturally thin hair. This enables you to opt for those hairstyles that need thick hair texture.
  • These are some of the approaches to add length and style to your regular hair. Before finalizing any hair extension, make sure to discuss about the type and texture of your hair with your hair stylist.

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    Choose Elegance That Matches Your Outward- Hair Extension Is another Add On for You

    Many find themselves in love with hair extensions as soon as they try them. Accepting the fact that growing longer hair can be a pretty big step and quite a commitment for sure, many can`t wait. But hair extensions help make that process easier.

    Hair extensions are a quick solution to put on length and volume, which you may have never been able to achieve solely through growing your hair. They are the instant step ups which transform the look instantly and boost the style quotient.

    Hair extensions really give a genuine and natural look to your mane. That being said, more and more people are trying hair extensions and with the expanding market of 729BEaUty and other real-looking hair, you get a range of choices in these genuine and natural hairs that add to your beauty.

    The choice is between alternates: either you want a straight look for yourself or love that bouncy hair singing and dancing to your tunes. 729BEaUty is the world to be explored with a heterogeneous mix of vibrancy, joy, ecstasy and life with a definite one to pair up with you and completely define your existence. But don`t forget the blush from color, indeed color adds substance to anything alive, they have an indelible way of defining hair extensions as well.

    However, 729 BEaUty beauticians have also shed some light on the range of colors, while choosing hair extension:

    No matter how much we love a bunch of colorful hair extensions, if we do not select the perfect one, it may not complement each customer’s custom hair color and texture.

    The basic underlying selecting factor is what goes with your skin tone. Undertones can be broadly categorized into three types. Here are the recommended hair shades for each one of them:

  • a) Pink or blue skin undertone suits best with the shades of brown or red. One can even go with a blonde look if that suits well. The base color can be highlighted with contrast colored streaks.
  • b) Red undertone pastel shades would go excellent with caramel lowlights which will accentuate your exotic look and make your skin look flawless and bright.
  • c) Yellow undertone. Again the color which has to be avoided is yellow or anything to do with the similar shade of golden hair color. The main aim has to be to reduce the pale look which can be achieved with dark intense colors like auburn or mahogany.
  • Although the hair colors and their implications have been quite stereotyped, if you love a unique look, than follow your intuition..

    The color of your eyes is another deciding factor. Since hair falls are generally kissing the face, they come in comparison to the color of the eyes as well. You need to match up the color of your hair extension with the color of your eyes.

    Many are uncomfortable with coloring their hair and don’t want to experiment. Trying out hair extensions with contrast streaks and colored pin-ups, which will bring more life to your normal boring look. With popular celebrities promoting, the streaking pins are available in a vivid and wide array of options, you can try them.

    No doubt, colorful hair extensions give a luxurious look which adds style and glamor to your look step by step to completely revamp the normal boring looking dull hair. Speak with a 729BEaUty stylist at (323) 291-9700 about choosing the best ways to wear extension and the best suited colors to add vibrancy.