Texture Straight Maximum Body Hair Extension

Texture Straight Maximum Movement Hair Extension

Texture Straight Maximum Movement Hair Extension


BE Natural with a relaxed textured, silky feel and matt fininsh. Blends well with natural texture

SKU: CC-TS-MM.Category

Product Description

729 BEaUty hair extensions or wefts can add length or enhance volume. They can be braided or, if you only need a quick addition for a special event, clipped in. Have your professional stylist add highlights or color to enhance your hair extensions look.
7 as a number has the distinction of representing completion and perfection. Our textured straight hair extensions are bold and elegant; difficult to camouflage the imperfections because it isn’t hidden behind a curl.
All 729 BEaUty wefts are equal length and volume, from weft to end
All wefts are machine tied for secure attachment and low visibility
Length availability up to 28 inches (longer lengths available by custom order)
Reusable for reattachment
729 BEaUty hair is gathered in the highest quality from reliable sources. It is naturally processed under the most stringent of standards and has been verified as 100% human hair under laboratory assessments.
729 BEaUty hair has the cuticle intact with all strands going in the same direction
729 BEaUty hair is not silicone coated
729 BEaUty wefted hair is not color treated and is natural in color
729 BEaUty hair is not chemically textured
729 BEaUty hair is reusable when recommended care is followed
729 BEaUty hair is not synthetically blended
The more you gently cleanse and condition the hair, the more you improve its quality; just like your own hair!


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