729 BEaUty

What 729 BEaUty does that sets us apart is something we call “Texture Mapping,” a process that illuminates the density, structure and elasticity of an individual’s hair. We have created a system that assigns a numerical equivalent to an individual’s hair patterns and composition. Studying these components allows us to offer services and products that exceed the demands that texture requires. Whether your mane is

Straight(7) Wavy(2) Curly Coily(9)

it should be treated with top of the line products that will strengthen every strand and allow users to achieve the look they desire and deserve.

What is 7-2-9?

The Three Core Textures of Hair:

7-BE Straight

Straight hair textures are most often oily, Straight hair has no wave or curl pattern and is less likely to frizz. Straight hair won’t shrink when wet and is resistant to curl.

2-BE Wavy

Wavy hair textures fall between straight and curly textures. Wavy hair has an S-shape pattern and is resistant to styling. Wavy hair is generally oily closer to the scalp, will have slight shrinkage when wet and is prone to frizz.

9-BE Curly Coily

Curly Coily textured hair tends to be fragile and damages easily. It has a clearly defined “S”- or “Z”-shape and is generally dry or coarse in nature. It is generally full-bodied with lots of curls that may be difficult to detangle and keep moisturized. It is prone to shrinkage when wet and definitely prone to frizzing.